Safety Consulting Group

practical health and safety solutions

integrating health and safety seamlessly into company operations

Finding the right approach for Health and Safety can be challenging. Because of this, we’re helping companies to integrate Health and Safety, practically and effortlessly.


We achieve this by:

  • Creating strategies that align with your objectives.
  • Ensuring that your legal obligations are met.
  • Designing efficient systems and functions.
  • Decluttering existing systems.
  • Reducing company and operational risks.
  • Managing data using our online application.

What we do:

  • Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • Risk Assessment and Management. 
  • Contractor Health and Safety Management.
  • Project Health and Safety Plans.
  • Auditing and Performance reviews.
  • Online data management and improvement.

our partners

what our partners say

demand experience

Throughout his 35 year career, Clayton Kruger (our Founder) has orchestrated the design and integration of Health and Safety Management strategies for many global companies. 

Notably, in 2019, he assumed the role of Director of HSE – International Operations at the Zijin Mining Group, a titan in gold mining and production.

His mandate? To usher in a new era of Health and Safety, aligning Zijin’s practices with global standards and ‘best industry practices’.


Pictured: Clayton unveiling his 2020 Strategic Plan for Zijin Mining.

partner support plans

Balancing budgets for Health and Safety can also present challenges for junior or start-up companies. This is why we have created cost-effective partner support plans that make it easier to plan Health and Safety strategies.

ask how we can tailor a partner support plan to fit your exact needs

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