Safety Consulting Group

Established in 2001, Jacks Winches is recognised as one of the leading providers of winching equipment for hire in Australia & Singapore.

Jacks Winches, now part of the Centurion Group of companies, supplies high-quality winching equipment for hire; serving the energy, mining, construction, and marine sectors. Their equipment is highly specialised and suitable for a wide range of uses; from small to large complicated projects involving multiple pieces of equipment.

As part of the transition into the Centurion Group of companies, a decision was made to have Jacks Winches accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

With limited systems or safety-related procedures in place, this project represented a blank canvas for the development of a completely integrated management system.

Fortunately, the culture and leadership within Jack Winches were a credit to the entire business. This made the engagement, development, and implementation of the system, seamless.

As always, we developed a strategy based on the operational risk profile of the business, the corporate requirements of Centurion, and of course, the practicalities of developing a system for a relatively small business, operating within a high-risk industry.

Using our proven systems development approach and engagement strategies, Jacks Winches were successfully certified to all the required ISO standards, and a fit-for-purpose, the system was implemented and continues to operate successfully today.

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