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Introduction: McDermott, a leading provider of engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry, entrusted iCARE Safety Group with the critical responsibility of developing and implementing a robust safety management strategy for the Pluto Offshore Platform Installation Project. With a focus on humanising safety and fostering a culture of care, iCARE embarked on a transformative journey that not only ensured regulatory compliance but also revolutionised safety practices, communication methods, and leadership strategies. This case study explores how iCARE’s approach led to the project’s remarkable success, making it one of McDermott’s safest and most accomplished endeavours undertaken in Australian waters.

Challenges Faced: Prior to the Pluto project, the McDermott team encountered safety-related challenges on a previous venture, highlighting the need for a comprehensive safety overhaul. The iCARE Safety Group was given the task of not only addressing these issues but also creating a safety culture that prioritised care over mere compliance. The project required a strategy that would engage all 1800 workers, improve communication channels, and ensure the meaningful participation of key project management personnel.

iCARE’s Safety Management Strategy: iCARE introduced a paradigm shift by promoting care as the cornerstone of safety. The strategy aimed to create an environment where workers were not forced to comply but instead invited to actively participate in safety. This approach fostered a sense of ownership and personal responsibility among the workforce.

  • Enhanced Communication: Recognising the significance of effective communication in safety management, iCARE implemented measures to improve communication methods. Regular safety briefings, toolbox talks, and open forums were introduced to encourage dialogue and exchange of safety-related information. The inclusion of wider operational groups facilitated collaboration and ensured that diverse perspectives were considered.

  • Strong Leadership and Project Support: iCARE understood the importance of leadership in driving safety culture. Key project management personnel were more visible and accessible, actively engaging with workers and providing meaningful support. This not only improved trust and rapport but also demonstrated the organisation’s commitment to safety at all levels.

  • Enhanced Safety Performance: By shifting the focus from compliance to care, iCARE succeeded in engaging the entire workforce in safety practices. Workers felt empowered to actively contribute to safety initiatives, leading to a significant reduction in incidents and accidents throughout the project duration.

  • Improved Communication and Collaboration: The emphasis on open communication channels created an environment where workers felt heard and valued. This facilitated the timely sharing of safety-related information, enabling proactive measures to address potential hazards and risks. The inclusion of wider operational groups fostered a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Strong Leadership and Support: The increased and frequent presence of key project management personnel demonstrated the organisation’s commitment to safety and well-being. Workers felt supported and had access to guidance and assistance whenever needed. This created a sense of trust and unity, enhancing the overall safety culture on the project.

Conclusion: The Pluto Offshore Platform Installation Project stands as a testament to the power of humanising safety and prioritising care over compliance. Through iCARE Safety Group’s innovative approach, the project achieved exceptional safety performance and marked success. Engaging and connecting with workers in a meaningful way, inviting their participation, and providing robust project management support framework, were the fundamental pillars of this accomplishment. This case study highlights the vital role that safety culture and leadership play in ensuring the successful delivery of complex projects while safeguarding the well-being of people.

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