Safety Consulting Group

MEO Group is a Singapore-based company that has been providing specialised marine services since the 1970s. The company operates in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa regions and is trusted by some of the world’s largest oil companies. MEO Group has a proven track record of operational and safety excellence in providing offshore vessel solutions.

To ensure that their safety standards remain aligned with shifting industry regulations and standards, MEO Group enlisted the iCARE Safety Group to conduct a full safety systems review. The goal of this review was to align the corporate systems with those used for offshore vessels. The iCARE Safety Group spent significant time understanding the maritime challenges and the risks associated with major offshore oil and gas companies. They gathered information, held conversations, and developed strategies that were efficient and accepted by the people offshore who were at risk.

Using this approach, the iCARE Safety Group successfully delivered a fully revised Safety Management System that is still functioning and evolving today. This system has been instrumental in helping MEO Group maintain its commitment to operational and safety excellence, ensuring the well-being of its personnel and the environment in which they operate.


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