Safety Consulting Group

Resolute is a successful African-focused gold miner with more than 30 years of experience as an explorer, developer, and operator of ten gold mines that have produced more than 9 million ounces of gold and counting.

Resolute currently owns two producing gold mines: the Syama Gold Mine in Mali (Syama) and the Mako Gold Mine in Senegal (Mako).

In 2017, iCARE was engaged to re-energise the Health and Safety function within the corporate office and for their operating mines in Africa. A key component of the strategy for Resolute was the identity of Health and Safety and the culture that drove the Health and Safety function.

iCARE developed a program for Resolute that engaged with all levels of the business, bringing the Health and Safety function, to the forefront of their operations. The RCARE System and Initiative provided an emotive identity for Health and Safety and reached both senior leadership as well as in-country operational people.

The RCARE principles; those being, COMMITTED, ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE, and EMPOWERED was rolled out with the revised Health and Safety Management system (the RCARE System) and was supported by a comprehensive training program that delivered the RCARE principles.

RCARE saw almost immediate success in the reduction of incidents and remains an integral part of the Resolute Mining operations today.


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