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Within workplace safety, the status quo has long been dictated by complex regulations, academics, and a fear-driven approach. However, the very purpose of safety isn’t being fulfilled by academia or uncompromising compliance demands, it’s in people, how they feel, their values, and the influence these have on their attitudes and actions.

SCG is disrupting conventional safety norms by acknowledging and doing something about the glaring issues within safety management today. The modern safety arena is drowning in convoluted systems, unnecessary jargon, and a new safety ‘silver bullet’ every 5 minutes, alienating the core intent of safety, from those it’s actually designed to protect.

At the coal face of many businesses resides an underlying resistance to safety, arising from overly engineered protocols and incomprehensible safety terminology. Safety professionals craft systems and procedures that generally resonate only within their professional circles and regulators, often leaving workers completely lost in translation.

SCG has taken a decisive and courageous step back into the essential principles of safety, creating systems and cultural solutions that reconnect people with the true meaning of safety. By involving them in development and stripping away the unnecessary layers of complexity and noise, we’re taking safety back to where it should be.

Even though there has been progress in safety over the last 50 years, it’s important to acknowledge that progress isn’t synonymous with permanency. Recent and expanding regulations are contributing to this culture of frustration and resistance, resulting in a plateau in safety performance and even a surge in incidents across some sectors.

We’re seeing senior business leaders, now forced to focus heavily on compliance, fearful of the extreme penalties, rather than safeguarding people. Whereas if their focus was actually ‘safety’, the fear associated with regulatory penalties, disappears. In a recent survey, 70% of business leaders said the primary value of their in-house safety teams, are there to ensure ‘compliance’. On this point alone, regulatory authorities have a great deal to answer for.

As you appreciate, this is why there’s an urgency for a different approach. Society in recent years has undergone profound change, accompanied by shifting workplace safety and well-being standards and expectations. Yet, the worn-out and tired ‘off-the-shelf’ strategies persist, failing to adapt or evolve to current social and business needs.

In response to these resounding calls from businesses seeking authentic and meaningful safety solutions, SCG has listened and answered. It’s said that repeating the same actions and expecting different outcomes is the epitome of insanity. Well, we’re breaking the cycle, and embracing an evolved approach to safety that meets today’s demands of both people and businesses.

Disrupting or redefining safety isn’t just change, it’s an evolutionary process. We’re proudly spearheading this transformation and are inviting businesses to join us in this shift towards safer, more connected, and purposeful organisations.

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