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We are only a small company, do we need a Health and Safety Management system?

Operational risks may still be present, and need to be managed and, regulatory requirements today apply no matter what the size of the company.

Can we build onto the system as our business grows?

Yes. We can create a very basic system initially that meets your immediate needs and regulatory obligations and assess your operations regularly to improve your system to meet your expanding needs.

Will our system meet the ISO 45001:2018 Standard?

Yes. We possess an intimate knowledge and understanding of ISO 45001 and its expectations. Our AI tool interprets each aspect in direct relation to your operations and aligns your system commitments and functions, seamlessly.

Can you conduct the system training for us?

Yes. However, we recommend that the company’s leadership undertake this. Why? This establishes ownership and engagement. It provides a real opportunity for leadership, to inject their nuances, and create discussion, engagement and cooperation. A much better outcome than using a third party to deliver ‘your’ system. 

Can you improve our current system?

Yes. The issue with most systems today is that they expand rather than evolve. Decluttering systems and applying efficiencies of function is something we know all too well. 

Can you support our Projects and Contractor Activity?

Yes. The primary purpose of any Health and Safety Management system is to identify and reduce risk, this applies to all of your operations. Projects and Contractors can introduce unknown and constantly shifting risks, that’s why your system will facilitate an even more detailed and thorough process, in these specific areas.

Can we buy an off-the-shelf system for less?

Yes you can. However, in our experience, this approach can lead to several challenges. 

1. The system hasn’t fully considered your business dynamics, its culture or its risk profile. 

2. An off-the-shelf system can send a message, that perhaps the Health, Safety and well-being of your people, might not be as important as it should be. 

3. Lastly, designing and integrating a system that involves and engages your people throughout the process, creates far greater ownership, culture and therefore, trust. 

How do we meet all of our regulatory requirements?

Our proprietary AI algorithm ensures that all applicable regulations are built into your system. 

Can you provide ongoing support?

Yes. We have created support options are tailored to your exact business needs, to give you on-call Health and Safety support when you need it.

Can you conduct one-off tasks for us?

Yes, we most certainly can. In fact, due to our vast experience as a support function, we deliver on individual tasks in a timely and an efficient manner.

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