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Two organizations are making waves by daring to step outside the conventional norms of safety. Safety Consulting Group (SCG) and TrendSafe, united by a shared vision and aligned experiences within the safety arena, are embarking on a mission to bring safety back to its core purpose – safeguarding people at work.

The Challenge:

In recent years, the safety industry has witnessed a shift away from its fundamental principles. Safety Consulting Group and TrendSafe have observed how the safety profession, regulatory authorities and academia are contributing to the concerning fall of performance in safety today. This is leading to a genuine disconnect, where safety is being perceived as more of a bureaucratic obligation rather than a genuine commitment to the well-being of people.

The Departure:

In a radical move, Safety Consulting Group and TrendSafe are challenging and disrupting the status quo. They recognize the need to address the over-complexity that has seeped into the safety landscape. Instead of getting lost in a maze of regulations, qualifications and accolades, we’re shifting the focus back to the core purpose of safety itself.

The Approach:

Safety Consulting Group, armed with its evolved approach and vast industry experience, are joining forces with TrendSafe, whose state-of-the-art software platform adds a humanistic edge to measuring and improving performance. Together, they are determined to shake up the safety industry, rekindling the spirit of the reductions in work-related incidents celebrated in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Critique:

The team are challenging the current trajectory of safety, highlighting concerns around the emphasis on penalties and fines being heavily adopted by regulators. The team are reoriented towards safeguarding people rather than confusion, bureaucracy and compliance.

The Strategy:

SCG and TrendSafe are introducing a strategy that blends culture with technology. By doing so, they’re refocusing the industry on what matters most – creating a workplace environment where people feel secure, fostering trust, and improving in areas that genuinely bring about positive safety outcomes.

The Conclusion:

As SCG and TrendSafe embark on this mission to revitalise safety, they invite the safety industry and businesses to join them on this journey. By challenging the norms, adopting a bold strategy that combines culture and technology, and prioritising the core principles of safety, they aim to lead the way where safeguarding people at work, makes a real difference.

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