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Safety management is a key aspect of any business, regardless of its size. However, for smaller businesses, managing safety and its legal requirements, can be an overwhelming task that diverts resources from core business activities.

This is where safety consultants come in useful. Safety consultants are experts in providing businesses with the necessary support and advice to manage safety effectively. Engaging a safety consultant can provide several advantages to smaller businesses:

Time-saving – One of the primary advantages of engaging a safety consultant is the time-saving aspect. Small businesses may not have the resources to employ full-time safety professionals. Therefore, engaging a safety consultant can save the time and resources that would otherwise be spent recruiting, training, and managing an in-house safety team. This allows the business to focus on core activities while ensuring that health and safety are appropriately managed.

Access to a team of safety professionals – Safety consultants have a team of professionals with vast safety experience who can provide businesses with a range of specialised services. This ensures that the business has access to a wide range of skills and expertise that would not be available from an in-house team.

Worldwide safety experience – Safety consultants have experience working with different businesses in various sectors across the globe. This exposure provides them with the necessary expertise to offer tailored solutions to small businesses, regardless of their industry. This allows the business to receive insights and advice that is specific to their industry, which can help to reduce risks and improve safety management.

Cost-effective safety solutions – Engaging a safety consultant can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses. Safety consultants offer flexible services that are tailored to the business’s needs and budget. This means that businesses can choose the services that they need and pay for only what they use. Additionally, safety consultants can provide cost-effective safety solutions that may not be available from an in-house team.

Right at our fingertips – Finally, safety consultants have the solutions right at their fingertips. They can be contacted easily and are available to offer advice and support when required. This means that businesses can have peace of mind knowing that they have a safety expert that they can rely on.

In conclusion, engaging a safety consultant provides several advantages to small businesses. Safety consultants offer cost-effective services that save you both time and resources, solutions are tailored to your specific needs and you’ll have access to a team of safety professionals with vast safety experience.

The iCARE Safety Group partner with many small to mid-sized businesses and we have arrangements in place that provide various forms of safety-related support, without the need for them to employ dedicated safety professionals. Why have just one set of hands, when you can have access to many, at a fraction of the cost?

Let us take the stress and cost, out of safety –

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