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Why Safety Culture Programs Fail

WHY SAFETY CULTURE PROGRAMS ARE FAILING Throughout my career, I’ve seen countless safety culture programs and initiatives. Traditionally, these fall short or flicker briefly like a candle. They ignite enthusiasm briefly within the confines of a classroom, only to see that spark extinguished, as participants

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Cultivating a Sustainable Safety Culture

Cultivating a Sustainable Safety Culture by Overcoming Limiting Mindsets To instil a lasting safety culture in the workplace, organisations must address the root causes of unsafe behaviours. While most companies recognise the importance of safety, many struggle to maintain improvements beyond the initial phases. This

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What Safety Culture Means

Definition: Safety culture is a set of ways of doing and thinking that is widely shared by the employees of an organization in the context of managing the most significant risks associated with its activities.   WHAT PROMPTED THE INTEREST IN SAFETY CULTURE In 1986,

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Safety: A Monster of Complexity and Neglect

The time for both acceptance and tolerance within the safety space has well and truly passed. So, it is with an unapologetic language and tone, that I pen the following. This message needs to be heard—and MUST be said. Since the 1980s, safety has transformed

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Leadership, Culture and Coffee

I’m reading a lot recently that discuss leading and lagging indicators, behaviour, culture, systems etc., do they work, don’t they work? Seldom do I share an opinion based post such as this, but I’d like to share this story as to where I have personally

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