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Health and Safety Management Systems

GETTING HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS RIGHT In the domain of health and safety, precision and expertise matter. At the Safety Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on being the best in our field, focusing solely on the design, integration, and performance of Health and Safety

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Redefining Our Purpose

REDEFINING OUR PURPOSE Introduction: Two organizations are making waves by daring to step outside the conventional norms of safety. Safety Consulting Group (SCG) and TrendSafe, united by a shared vision and aligned experiences within the safety arena, are embarking on a mission to bring safety

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Evolving Conventional Safety

EVOLVING CONVENTIONAL Safety Within workplace safety, the status quo has long been dictated by complex regulations, academics, and a fear-driven approach. However, the very purpose of safety isn’t being fulfilled by academia or uncompromising compliance demands, it’s in people, how they feel, their values, and

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Serious Regulatory Penalties

SAFETY RELATED PENALTIES ARE BECOMING SERIOUS! The Model Work Health and Safety Legislation Amendment (Offences and Penalties) 2023, will introduce a significant update to the national WHS laws – aiming to reinforce accountability and enhance safety practices within corporate entities. Now approved by Australia’s WHS

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Cultivating a Sustainable Safety Culture

Cultivating a Sustainable Safety Culture by Overcoming Limiting Mindsets To instil a lasting safety culture in the workplace, organisations must address the root causes of unsafe behaviours. While most companies recognise the importance of safety, many struggle to maintain improvements beyond the initial phases. This

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Air Charter Investigation

EVENT DESCRIPTION On the 10th of April 2018, both COMPANY Management and COMPANY Contractor personnel (10 pax plus 3 aircrew) boarded a charter flight in Accra, Ghana, to travel to the COMPANY mine site in Mali. This fight took approximately 3.5 hours which included an

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Contractor Management

If you use an external businesses to complete work, you know firsthand how many little intricacies you must account for in creating a safe work environment, with contracted companies. Creating an effective contractor safety management process is essential to ensuring the safety of all employees,

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What Safety Culture Means

Definition: Safety culture is a set of ways of doing and thinking that is widely shared by the employees of an organization in the context of managing the most significant risks associated with its activities.   WHAT PROMPTED THE INTEREST IN SAFETY CULTURE In 1986,

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Why Are Safety Audits So Important

Safety audits, at their essence, serve as a fundamental mechanism for assessing and evaluating an organization’s safety performance. In this regard, they act for the preservation of the well-being of personnel and the integrity of operations. A distinction of safety audits lies in their versatility:

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Decluttering Safety Management Systems

Decluttering your safety management system, or as I like to call it, “cleaning house,” is crucial. An overcrowded and disorganised system can be confusing and even pose risks if vital information isn’t easily accessible. Let’s dive into how you can declutter, streamline, and keep your

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