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In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, safety can often be left behind or even viewed as an inconvenience that simply gets in the way of productivity. However, the reality is that managing safety well is essential for maintaining a productive work environment. 

That’s where Scratchie comes in. By incorporating Scratchie into your business, you will vastly improve your safety culture and create a more engaged, empowered, and motivated workforce through positive reinforcement.

Scratchie’s approach aligns perfectly with the iCARE philosophy of simplifying and humanising safety management. By focusing on the positives, Scratchie creates workplaces where safety is not just a set of rules but a shared value and responsibility that everyone takes seriously and benefits from.

Remember the old catchphrase, “Appreciation is the seed, extraordinary effort is the fruit”.

Positive reinforcement is powerful, and Scratchie puts this principle into action in a meaningful and effective way. By rewarding safe behaviour, Scratchie encourages people to take ownership of safety and promotes a sense of genuine teamwork and camaraderie.

The psychological basis of Scratchie’s approach is grounded in behavioural science, which has shown that positive reinforcement is far more effective than expectations of ‘compliance” in changing attitudes, behaviour, and ultimately culture.

Case studies and data demonstrate the tangible effectiveness of Scratchie in promoting a safer workplace. For example, one company reported a 30% improvement in safety attitudes after implementing Scratchie, while another saw a 95% preference amongst workers to work on a Scratchie site.

Scratchie not only improves safety performance but also boosts employee morale, engagement and therefore opens up an improved organisational culture. Scratchie is a game-changer for reinventing organisational culture and connecting people to safety, which is precisely why the iCARE Safety Group is thrilled to be a strategic partner with Scratchie.
Visit Scratchie and see for yourself just how simple it is to affect real change in safety performance and organisational culture. Just click on the logo below or go to:
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