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the development process.


To understand the development and integration of a Health and Safety Management system, the following describes the process including how you benefit, the timing and costs.

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The main outcome of having a Health and Safety Management system is knowing that the risks within your business, are being managed in an informed and structured way. 

Using a systemic approach to managing risk and operational activities, brings operational efficiencies, time, production and cost savings. Systems are designed to evolve and improve, so as your system matures, you’ll see even greater benefits in operations, efficiencies and productivity. 

Finally, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your company is operating in compliance with all applicable Health and Safety regulations and, in today’s uncompromising regulatory environment, this is of paramount importance. 

What you’ll get with our systems:


Using an identity or brand, connects your people to the very purpose and intent of the system. Your system will be professionally branded, using your logo and the acronym, CARE. Committed, Accountable, Respectful and Engaged. These principles are included within the system integration and training package


Your full system will be provided in Word and PDF and will include the folllowing: A Vision Statement. Health and Safety Policies. System Commitments. System Procedures. System Artefacts. System Integration and Training Packages. The TrendSafe app is also available upon request.


To ensure that your system fits like a glove, we provide video training modules for each of the system levels. All of which can be delivered by management. We also provide ongoing systems support if you don't yet employ internal safety resources.


The simple answer is yes! Due to the thorough review performed of your business needs, operational risk and regulatory obligations, your system will meet your exact needs and expectations. 

Read a recent Case study HERE, that demonstrates the effectiveness of our process and the systems we deliver.


For the typical Health and Safety Management system, the process normally takes 100 days. Generally, anything less than this is not considered a sufficient period needed to thoroughly design and integrate a fit-for-purpose system.

If you wish to utilise technology to augment your system, our App will manage your day-to-day tasks, and risks, record key performance measures and help you to define and develop improvement strategies.


This is the easy part. 

All we need from you initially, is a little time to spend with key Leadership and Operations personnel, to help us fully understand and appreciate your business and its operations profile.

From there, it’s only a matter of providing SCG with a Client Expectations Agreement, that defines exactly what you want, when you expect it and the investment agreed.

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