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Introduction: Ensuring the effectiveness of safety management systems within high-risk organisations today, is paramount. However, many organisations tend to overlook crucial areas within their systems, ultimately hindering their ability to actually safeguard their people. In this article, we will explore the real benefits of engaging a third party, to conduct an innovative process called a, System Health Check—a safety management system assessment tool that goes beyond the standard audit process and delves much deeper into the core aspects of your safety management systems.

Beyond Compliance: Uncovering Hidden Gems When it comes to safety management systems, compliance with regulations and standards is essential. However, our System Health Check goes much further by examining the often-neglected aspects, such as Values, Policies, communication and structure. By analysing these critical elements, organisations can ensure their safety systems align with their unique company culture and truly resonate with their people.

Bridging the Communication Gap Meaningful, efficient and effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful safety management system. iCARE’s System Health Check evaluates how well the system communicates with those on the frontlines of high-risk work. By gauging the comprehension and understanding of procedures and processes, organisations can find potential gaps and address them proactively. The goal is to empower people to work safely, fostering a culture of shared responsibility and connection to the purpose of safety itself.

Navigating Complexity: Simplicity is Key One of the common pitfalls of safety management systems is their technical and over-engineered nature. iCARE recognizes the importance of simplicity and ease of navigation. The System Health Check identifies any challenges faced by employees in finding the necessary procedures, checklists, or forms. By streamlining and simplifying these processes, organisations can enhance efficiency and create a genuinely user-friendly experience.

The Human Connection: Putting People First At iCARE Safety Group, we understand that safety goes far beyond compliance and technical jargon. We believe all safety systems and strategies, should connect with people on a human level. Our System Health Check tool is centred around enhancing the emotive aspects of safety management systems. By speaking ‘human’ and using language, that fully engages and connects with the user.

Unlocking the Benefits: Empowering Organisations and People Engaging iCARE’s System Health Check offers numerous benefits. By addressing overlooked areas, improving communication, simplifying navigation, and prioritising the human element, organisations can unlock a range of benefits. These include increased engagement, reduced incidents, improved morale, aligned values, sustainable cultures and ultimately, a safer workplace.

Conclusion: In a high-risk landscape, organisations cannot afford to overlook the real benefits of a comprehensive System Health Check, by a third-party expert. By partnering with iCARE Safety Group, organisations will transform their safety management systems, empower their people, and pave the way for a culture of safety excellence.

Demonstrating and initiating ‘meaningful’ change and improvement, sends a clear message to your people, that you care for their safety and well-being, which in turn, makes them feel valued. There is no greater way to improve both culture and performance. Remember the old catchphrase, “Appreciation is the seed, extraordinary effort is the fruit”.

Let’s have a 10 min call so we can explain, just how beneficial, the System Health Check is, over and above the traditional auditing approach.

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